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The Feelz

Bitmaker Student Final Project

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Welcome to The Feelz.

This is an Emotional Intelligence trainer that I developed at BitMaker in 2015. It was developed to demonstrate my skills as a coder at that time. It was not maintained after the demonstration the final demonstration and was never intended to be taken to the app store. but did inspire future apps

The Feelz code bas was built with Switft 2.1 in Xcode 7.2 for iOS9.

Areas of Interest

CarouselSubVC - This code area creates the selection carousel that loads when the app launches. This had all it's subviews and constraints implemented programmatically, this is because I thought it looked cooler than having a bunch of IBOutlets in the code. It instantiates 7 images on the screen. All the images are spaced out at half the size of the container view from the image's centre to their neighbouring image's centre. This makes it seem like only seven images are on the screen. A pan gesture recognizer allows the images to move. The image in the centre is recorded as the current selection. Based on where in the containing view the touch began and where the touch ended, will affect the what the final selection became. Behind the visible view the images are rotating in an array.

Feelz - Is a singleton data object that housed the current state of the user and the theme of the application. The application was designed to only have one existence of feeling throughout the user's experience and if the user changed their feeling then the app would change throughout. It also show a snippet of code for throw a JSON file at an API - the original intent of the project was to marry a Meteor Web Portal.